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Rowan Boulevard Master Redeveloper Announces Company Restructuring

Sewell, NJ, May 9, 2012 – Sora Holdings, LLC, the master redeveloper of Glassboro, NJ’s Rowan Boulevard downtown revitalization project, has announced changes in its corporate and ownership structure. 


Sora Holdings principal, Greg Filipek, has sold his holdings in the Rowan Boulevard project to his investor partner, an affiliate of Kinsley Construction, a full-service construction management and general contracting firm based in York PA, which operates throughout the mid-Atlantic region of the US. 


“I am continuing to offer my expertise of planning and redevelopment with public-private partnerships under the identity of Sora Northeast Development, LLC from our new corporate offices in Sewell, New Jersey,” Filipek said.  “We are presently in the planning and proposal stages of major development projects in New Jersey and Connecticut.”


As a result of the success of the Rowan Boulevard project and the extensive municipal revitalization experience of Sora Northeast’s development team, several municipalities in the tri-state region have requested consultations and proposals from the firm for development projects. These municipalities, which are home to colleges and universities or have large tracts in need of development, are seeking to revitalize their urban centers into places where people can live and work within easy reach of pedestrian and intermodal transportation.  By recognizing that the key to such projects is smart growth principles and planning and development done in partnership with the host municipalities, Sora Northeast’s development team is ideally suited to assist such clients.


Under the direction of Sora Holdings, LLC, the $300 million Rowan Boulevard project has been planned since 2004 and under construction since 2008.  Kinsley Construction has been the general contractor for the buildings constructed thus far, including the new student housing campus completed in 2009, a Barnes & Noble in 2010 and the Whitney Center mixed use retail and student housing building in 2011.  The Rowan Boulevard project and the overall revitalization of downtown Glassboro will continue under the direction of the Borough of Glassboro.



About Greg Filipek, Principal of Sora Northeast Development, LLC

With more than 33 years of experience and having constructed more than six million square feet of retail space, Greg Filipek’s approach to development has evolved with the times.  Today’s contemporary municipal development needs lend themselves to more emphasis on infill, urban redevelopment, and mixed-use projects, all within the context of a public-private partnership.


This type of development benefits communities by incorporating smart growth principles.  As a master developer, substantial time and money should be invested to understand a municipality’s regional market strengths and utilize this data to guide plans on new projects being planned and constructed.  Successful developments today require comprehensive plans embodying a synergistic model that targets specific uses for each planned space.  This strategic, comprehensive approach is the heart of the success by the Sora Northeast team, under the leadership of Greg Filipek.