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 Petey the Law Dog IIby Dawn Watson

   ( holidays are always fun! Whether you are busy planning a party or looking forward to attending one make sure that your dog will be safe by doing the following:

  • If you are planning a party, make sure Fido has food, water, and a safe place to sleep away from the excitement of your guests. Some dogs become easily over stimulated and exhibit bad behavior because of stress.
  • If you will be entertaining outside and Fido is in the house, put food Bannerout-of-reach so that he doesn’t create havoc while you are out celebrating.
  • If you are planning to leave the house for more than eight hours, make sure Fido can get outside to relieve himself! Ask a neighbor to help or hire someone that will walk him. Do NOT leave your dog outside while you are away! The potential for human mischief is increased on holidays and Fido is not safe outside if you are not at home! It is also unsafe and cruel to leave him outside when the temperature is higher than 68 degrees.

   Wishing all of you a happy summer and safe summer holidays. And, don’t forget to thank a veteran for his or her service this Memorial Day!

Wado udohiyu (Thank you very much in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson

Owner and Lead Trainer, Brother of the Wolf, LLC

 Pictured: Attorney Lynda Hinkle and Petey the Law Dog. Attorney Hinkle is on the Board of Directors at Brother of the Wolf. Petey is a former stray found by residents of Gloucester City. Petey is now living a life of excitement as the official mascot Lynda's law practice (and beloved pet of the entire Hinkle/Bowman family). You can contact her at