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This laundromat surveillance video shows the father of a little boy placing the child in a washer apparently as part of a peek- a- boo game. He then shuts door, which locked and started an automatic cycle with the child inside.  The incident happened on May 11 at the Federal Laundromat, 23rd and Federal Streets in Camden City.

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office is trying to locate the family to make sure the boy is okay. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Prosecutor’s Office at 856-614-8000.

UPDATE May 24, 2012 

Family Of Washing Machine Toddler Found

The Camden County prosecutor's office is now in the process of interviewing the babysitter of the child that was put into a washing machine at a Camden laundromat.

Fox 29 has learned that the child is a 13-month old boy.   Following the incident, the child was taken to West Jersey Hospital where he was treated for scrapes and bruises.

Fox 29 brought you the exclusive raw video from the laundromatyesterday.    In the video you can clearly see a man  putting the child inside a washing machine.  He closes the door and for a few harrowing moments the child is trapped as the machine fills with water.

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