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Philadelphia Police Dept Crime Alert: Office Burglar Targets Laptops

May 25, 2012 


This suspect is believed to have stolen 18 laptops since mid-May. The Philadelphia Police Department and the Center City District have received reports of a suspect who has entered three office buildings without authorization and stolen more than 18 laptops since mid-May. Two thefts were reported to have occurred on Saturdays. On May 12th the suspect took 3 laptops and on May 18th he is suspected of stealing 9 laptops. An additional burglary was reported in the early morning hours of May 23rd and an individual wearing the same clothes from the previous burglaries was captured on surveillance video and is believed to have stolen 6 laptops from an office suite. The suspect is also believed to have tried to return to each of the buildings he burglarized on several occasions in the last few days but was turned away by security when he could not produce identification nor identify a tenant he intended to visit.


The suspect appears to have knowledge of several office buildings and has used back passages to gain entry to office areas. The suspect entered two buildings between 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM and in the third burglary he entered the office suite at 2:00 PM. If you suspect an office suite has been burglarized, please contact Philadelphia Police immediately at 911 and don’t disturb the scene – you may be destroying valuable evidence.

Suspect Description:

  • He is described as an African American male, approximately 6’ ft. and 200 lbs.
  • In one case the suspect was wearing a blue warm-up jacket with white & grey trim, white & cream colored pants and white & tan “boat shoes”.
  • In the second theft the suspect was wearing a red baseball cap, warmup jacket, yellow shirt, blue jeans and “boat shoes”.
  • In both incidents the suspect carried a laptop bag or duffle bag with which to hide the stolen laptops.

Please alert tenants and security personnel to this pattern and take precautions to secure offices and computer quipment. Companies are encouraged to maintain a record of equipment serial numbers and photographs which will help police identify the rightful owner of any recovered stolen equipment. Please contact Lt. Patrick Doherty, Central Detective Division, Special Investigations Unit at (215) 305-7181 if you have any information regarding this suspect or similar thefts. If you see anyone fitting the description or resembling the suspect in the photos please call 911 immediately.

Thank you.