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Letter to the Editor: Mayor Redd Silent on Law Suit and recent filed Injunction

 The Mayor of Camden Dana Redd was at the 18th Annual March for Jesus in Camden on

6a00d8341bf7d953ef011570df48d6970c-800wi Saturday.  100’s of believers who would welcome One Minute of Silence and opening a Holy Bible in a Classroom listen while the Mayor has kept silent for more then a minute now on her stand against Prayer and acknowledging the God of our Creation.  I sat with Pastors in Camden at the event who know my work and expect God’s Will be done with or without them endorse the Mayors silence in the name of her king.   Political Cronyism is the Legislative Experience of Mayor Redd with Role Models like George Norcross III, Assembly man Joe Roberts, and Assembly women Nilsa Cruz-Perez along with convicted felon Sen Wayne Bryant and they all chose a path of destruction for our Camden Public Education and the children they serve by denying a well rounded education to include the truth of God. 


In 2001 I received a Resolution from Camden City Council co-sponsored by now Assembly man Angel Fuentes and then City Council man Ali Sloan-El endorsing a Bible Curriculum already implemented in 170 School Districts across 32 States.  The Camden City Council unanimous past a Resolution noting the answered constitutional question of studying the Holy Bible in a classroom while Mayor Faison was President of City Council and Milton Milan was the Mayor of Camden and Mayor Dana Redd was up and coming. 


In 2002 after lobbying without Pastoral support a School Board Member Rosemary Jackson was the Chairwoman of the Curriculum Committee and a devote Christian.  Ms. Jackson researched the matter and introduced aUniversity of Vanderbilt study on the Constitutionality of teaching Religion in the Public Schools to the extent of teaching a particular religious sect.  President of the Camden School Board Phillip Freeman a now NJ Civil Rights Officer never blocked Camden School Board Member for breaking protocol to stop my efforts because I rubbed her the wrong way.


Whether it was discrimination over my race as a Puerto Rican and son of Jesus Torres the President of Puerto Rican Unity for Progress or my political affiliation as a former Camden Republican Candidate for NJ State Assemblyman in 2003 and 2007 in the 5th District and Chairman of the Camden Republican Committee that kept the Mayor and School Board Member Sarah Davis from a hand in brotherly love to the One who is love and my humble service to the One who first loved me.  There is blessing to a City who’s God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed and we march to victory in Jesus.  Governments are formed among men and are established at the will of the people but the Mayor and Camden School Board Sarah Davis attorneys gave 41 reasons why One Minute of Silence and acknowledging an Intelligent Designer should not be allowed to Camden Children.  The people have a right to petition government and post referendum questions but if an elected body still question whether the Parents and Community would vote yes to One Minute of Silence and the Academic Freedom to discuss Creationism and end the Theory of Evolution as the only scientific truth the question is placed on a Ballot.  The courts protect the will of the people expressed through a vote against any atheist challenge but no one wanted to believe me.  I searched all over Camden could not find one Democrat who cared about Jesus and our Great Commission above our Race or Party Affiliation.

Always from the heart

Rev. Eddie Torres, Camden Republican

Committee Man at Large