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By Jedediah Bila

“It is a war film—about the war at home, the war between the radical left and the American people,” Writer and Director Stephen K. Bannon told me recently about his upcoming film,Occupy Unmasked.

The film is set to be released this Spring and features a lead role by the late conservative hero Andrew Breitbart, as well as cast members David Horowitz, Brandon Darby, and Anita MonCrief, among others.


Via clips that feature Dylan Ratigan, Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, and others, Bannon takes on the left-wing media’s determination to simultaneously smear the Tea Party and glorify the ‘Occupy’ movement. And he doesn’t just stop there. Footage of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama speaks volumes about their agenda as well.

“We expose the very basic fact that the entire ‘Occupy’ movement is a very coordinated, very well thought through operation of the institutional progressive left. It focused on changing the conversation in the Fall of 2011 from debt and deficit reduction to income inequality and ‘fairness’…and it has had a tremendous impact and extraordinary success,” Bannon said. “You will meet the unknown players who drive the movement…and who will become an even more important part of the country’s political landscape.”

He continued, “The Tea Party is everything the ‘Occupy’ movement is not. It is made up of those folks who build our communities, support our churches, fight our wars—in short, the hard-working middle class who day in and day out put their shoulder to the wheel to help build the greatest country mankind has ever known. ‘Occupy’ is comprised of the ‘I hate America crowd’…a combination of deadbeats and ‘bad actors’ who want to destroy the America we know and love.”

Get ready to see the true face of the ‘Occupy’ movement in all its anti-capitalist, violent, destructive glory. You will hear protesters speak in their own words. You will witness the fires, the graffiti, and the wreckage. You will read the signs they hold proudly in their hands. And then you will decide for yourself if it fits the ‘Occupy’ image that the media has been working so hard to project.

“The ‘Democrat Media Complex’ that Andrew Breitbart rallied against plays a central role in the film,” Bannon added. “It helped bring the ‘Occupy’ movement into existence. It nurtured it and gave it a platform.”

As he did so beautifully in life, Breitbart holds the media accountable through his posthumous role in this film. And reminds us why we miss him every single day.

Stay tuned as Occupy Unmasked takes on the left-wing media and left-wing political establishment, exposing deceit and political agendas that distort reality in order to embolden the class-warfare narrative that is endangering our country.

This is one film you won’t want to miss.