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Hunting and Fishing: Shark Finning Legislation, All sizzle no steak


Most of you know that on occasion I will send a link to my blog "Conservation Corner" when a timely topic might be of interest. These are my personal thoughts; they do not necessarily reflect the position of the NJOA, affiliated organizations or council members.

I had decided not share my blog on Shark Finning legislation (S-1764) that is pending in Trenton. However, some in the animal rights community have undertaken a campaign to disparage the NJOA, and misrepresent the integrity of our organization and council members, directly to state legislators as a result of my opinion piece. 

In order to keep the record straight I have included a link to "Conservation Corner" below. I do not want my words to be twisted by others when they are readily availalbe for everyone's review. Again, these are my personal thoughts and do not necessarily reflect the position of NJOA organizations or council members. We can agree or disagree on issues but more importantly we should be aware of pending legislation and that there may be alternative approaches to resolving problems.

The NJOA will give the S-1764 a thorough review and may or may not take a position on the legislation.

Thank you

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance 
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