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Dawn Watson


Most of us have been faced with a pet’s illness. Dogs and cats get sick; it’s a part of life, just as it is for human beings. However, Fido and Tabby aren’t able to verbalize how they are feeling and so it’s up to us to pinpoint when to head to the veterinarian. 

Take note of how much (or how little) a pet is eating. If he has eaten little in a 24 hour period it’s time to question his health. If he is exhibiting excessive Banner drooling, panting, or has diarrhea, get him to the doctor quickly—he may have ingested poison or be suffering from a contagious disease. Alert your veterinarian to the symptoms; it’s possible that the pet will have to be isolated upon arrival at the office. 

Keeping Fido and Tabby up to date on shots and heartworm medication will generally keep them in good health. But, when you suspect a health problem be sure to seek treatment. 

Your best friend is depending on you! 

Wado, udohiyu, (thank you very much, in the Cherokee language)

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