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Pet Tip of the Week: Dealing with a Reactive Dog (

 by Dawn Watson

Petey the Law Dog(

  In my career as a professional dog trainer I have Banner helped many dogs that have developed some very unpleasant habits. Sometimes, these habits escalate into aggressive behavior. Since aggression is defined as the intent to do harm, behaviorists have developed another term to explain defensive behavior without intent to cause injury. 

  We use the term, reactive, to indicate behavior that is the result of sensory overload or negative reactions to outside stimuli. One example of this behavior is the dog that is fearful and snaps at strangers. Chances are he doesn’t intend to hurt anyone—he perceives a threat
and reacts to it.

  If you have a dog that fits this description he CAN be helped with proper training. Just make sure the professional you hire uses positive reinforcement techniques; with patience and rewards your dog can learn to live life to the fullest! 

Wado, udohiyu, (thank you very much, in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson

Brother of the Wolf, LLC

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Pictured: Petey the Law Dog, rescued by Mike and Gabby, now owned by Lynda Hinkle, is Brother of the Wolf's Dog of the Month for May.