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Op-Ed: CREW on Andrews "One of the most egregious offenders" |

by Wil Levins

CREW REPORT: "One of the most egregious offenders, Rep. Rob Andrews Images-2(D-NJ), has in the past been cited by the FEC for illegal acts ... Nevertheless, he has continued to use campaign funds for questionable expenses..."

After twenty-two years in Congress, and even longer in New Jersey's corrupt political system, should it surprise anyone that Rep. Rob Andrews has ethics questions and violations hanging over his campaign?   The bigger question is: If Rep. Rob Andrews misuses Campaign funds in this manner, how is he using YOUR tax dollars?

I encourage you to click on the image or the link below to read the information taken directly from CREW's (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) Report. 

Only by arming ourselves with knowledge can we, the voters, remove corrupt officials and bring accountability back to our government.

Andrews Egregious Offender

Graphics and opinion by Wil Levins


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