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Memories: Growing Up Gloucester | cnbnews.net

BildeMy wife Phyllis and I took the opportunity this past Easter to attend Mass at Saint Mary's Catholic Church.  While sitting there many memories came streaming back of the times I, a non-catholic, spent in and around the church. 

We have been in the church a number of times since its interior renovation but I am still amazed at the beauty of St. Mary's.  I thought about all the times I went to the church to wait while my friends went to confession then, all the time I had to wait  while they said penance.  Midnight mass was a rite of passage that most guys in Gloucester remember.

The fire which I witnessed from the fire escape at GHS.  The weddings and later the funeral Masses.  We were present at the reinstalling of the Bells of St. Marys.  The restoration of the present steeple. Gloucester is fortunate to have such a beautiful, historic church that we can still visit and remember the good times.
Gary M


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