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LL PLayer Dies, Crackdown, Political Season has Begun, Online Training for Candidates

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Eric-Lederman-Chicago-TribLITTLE LEAGUE PLAYER DIES-A 12-year-old sports fanatic has died in Illinois after being hit in the neck by a baseball while warming up for a game this week. Eric Lederman, (photo) a sixth-grader from Oswego, Ill., roughly 50 miles (80km) southwest of Chicago, was hospitalized after being hit while throwing a ball with a teammate Wednesday night, April 11,  before a league game in Wheaton, the Chicago Tribune reported. He died Thursday night, leaving his local community in shock. CLICK

HOUSING CODE CRACKDOWN-The City of Woodbury (pop. 10,000) and how it controls rental properties, was highlighted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article on Sunday. Mayor Ron Riskie said the crackdown on rentals began 10 years ago amid rising crime around rental properties. A Woodbury patrolman is on a permanent assignment to police the town's more than 1,500 rental properties, combing probation and motor-vehicles records for unregistered tenants and pressing charges against those caught disturbing neighbors. Woodbury is not alone in cracking down on rentals/landlords. The City of Gloucester City recently updated its housing ordinance listed under Chapter 55 of the Code of the City of Gloucester City. As a result a landlord can now lose their privilege to rent the property if it is determined the rental has become a nuisance. There are approximately 1900 rental properties in Gloucester City. Read the Inky article. 

THE POLITICAL SEASON BEGINS-April 2 was the deadline for candidates interested in  running in the June Primary election.  Those who filed in Gloucester City include: 


Democrat candidates (banner Camden County Democrat Committee Inc.): 


  • First Ward: Daniel T. Spencer, 400 unit block of N. Brown Street, (incumbent), who is employed by the County of Camden County. 
  • Second Ward: James (Bowie) Johnson, 500 unit block of Park Avenue, retired Gloucester City Public Works supervisor, and the former Gloucester City Democrat Club Chairman.
  • Third Ward: Jay Brophy, unit block of East Thompson Avenue, (incumbent) present City Democrat chairman and union rep.

*Third Ward Unexpired Term*: Helen “Lynn” Bucher, unit block East Thompson Ave., who is presently serving in that seat. She was appointed last year after Kellie Ferry resigned.




Republican candidates (banner Camden County Regular Republican Party):


  • First Ward: David Townsend, 100 unit block King Street. Dave is a Gloucester Catholic Alumnus and has a B.A. in English from UNC Greensboro. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and is currently an English teacher in Camden City.  Dave was a member of the Historic Preservation Commission and is the  President of the Gloucester City Historical Society. 

Second Ward: No candidate filed

  • Third Ward: Liza Lopez, 300 unit block of Hunter Street. Lisa and her family of five moved to Gloucester City four years ago looking for a great sense of community and found it. Lisa is a stay-at- home mom with three kids under the age of six, and performs tax preparation assistance and education to help others understand our government’s complex tax code.  She is active in charity, her neighborhood and church.
  • *Third Ward Unexpired*: Anthony Wojtkowiak, unit block of Barnard Avenue. Anthony is a graduate of Gloucester County Institute of Technology and has a B.S. in communications from the University of Miami. He is a media producer who has worked on projects all over the U.S. and in Africa.  He is a frequent reporter for the Gloucester City News and CNBNEWS.NET. 


Running as an Independent First Ward Democrat Council candidate under the banner, Gloucester City the is Michael E. Walters, of the unit block of Cornell Avenue. He is a retired fireman.


Republican committee people are: Wil Levins, Gina Levins and Jim Doster. Independents filing for the Republican committee seats under the banner For a Constitutional Republic are: John Raube and David Raube


  • The term expires December 31, 2012

TRAINING FOR CANDIDATES-Online training is now available for anyone running for office in the state of New Jersey must abide by the rules of the Election Law Enforcement Commission. To help educate candidates on what must be done, ELEC is now offering online training for candidates and treasurers on its website.


“For the first time, candidates and treasurers who cannot attend one of our in-person seminars can get a thorough overview of their campaign finance reporting obligations from our new interactive video,’’ said Jeff Brindle, ELEC’s Executive Director.


The video is a supplement to an online compliance manual that has been available for some time for candidates and treasurers. Watching the presentation takes 45 to 60 minutes and closed captioning is available if needed.


The training video provides guidance to candidates and treasures about setting up their fundraising committees, explains what types of contributions and expenditures must be reported, and provides other essential information to filers. FOR VIDEO CLICK

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