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JCAA’s 18th Annual Fluke Tournament, June 9- JCAA News May 2012

With New Striped Bass Category!

By Paul Haertel

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association May 2012 Newsletter)

JCAA’s 18th Annual Fluke Tournament will be held on June 9th, 2012. This year we will have a new striped bass category for those of you who might like to fish for both fluke and striped bass during this time of the year. However, contestants will have to enter the fluke tournament in order to be eligible to enter the optional striped bass category. Those who enter the striped bass category will be competing only against others who are fishing out of the same port. For this category, JCAA will pay out 60% of the money taken in from each port. The entrant weighing in the heaviest striped bass for each port will receive all the cash paid out for that particular port. The entry fee for the fluke tournament is $120 provided payment is made by 6/2/12 and $150 after 6/2/12. The optional striped bass category entrance fee is $50. Entrance fees cover up to six anglers per boat.

Soon you should be receiving our mailing of this year’s Fluke Tournament entry forms and High Roller Raffle tickets. Mark your calendar with these two important dates, June 9th (Fluke Tournament) and June 15th (Awards Ceremony). Now is the time to get on your phone or get to the computer and start contacting your fishing buddies. Get your crew of up to six anglers onboard with these dates. These two dates mark opportunities to fish and win big! There are 120 port prizes available to be won on June 9th. That’s twelve prizes for each of the ten ports ranging from Jersey City in the north to Fortescue in the south. Each port competes against its own registered boaters and serves as its own weigh station. The heaviest fluke weighed in at the ten ports will win $1,200 cash 1st Place Prize! The remaining eleven prizes can be seen on our website.

Then there’s the $5,000 to $10,000 Grand Prize* (*depending on the number of entries over 500). Winning the Grand Prize at the June 15th Awards Ceremony isn’t determined by who weighs in the largest fluke, nor does it matter if your crew consisted of the most highly skilled or the least experienced anglers. The odds of winning this bundle of cash and door prizes are the same for one and all. You will automatically be entered to win provided that you or one of your crew registers at the tables outside the Trump Marina Hotel Casino Grand Cayman Ballroom. Entry forms are available at jcaa.org.


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