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Councilman Will Stay Busy Until Retirement In January | GCN

By Albert Countryman Jr.

Gloucester City News

In January 2013, Gloucester City Democrtic Councilman Nicholas Marchese will step down after two terms and six years of service to the residents.

But, until then, he will stay very busy.

“I still have about 70 meetings scheduled for this year,” said Marchese, including City Council, the Public Works Committee and the Finance Committee.

Marchese was first elected to City Council in 2006, along with Mayor William James and other newcomers with a “mandate for change.”

“We were pressing for change. It has been a great, five-year run. We came along at a time we were needed, and raised the bar,” he said.

“I am optimistic about the future of Gloucester City if we continue on this path. If not, I am not so optimistic, said Marchese, who is looking forward to spending more time with his family – his wife, Janice, and daughters Kristin and Lauren.

Marchese praised the Gloucester City School District, and said “I am thrilled” about the decision by the state to finally build the new middle school.

“It should be a boost to the City. It has taken a long time,” he said.

As for developing new business opportunities in the City, Marchese is proud of Freedom Pier, which will soon feature a new restaurant – Ott’s On The Waterfront.

“It will help the King Street corridor,” he said, adding that plans also call for an ice skating rink and hockey rink that can be used year round.

Concerning Southport, he said “the City has an obligation to get utilities down there – water, gas and electric.

He hopes plans for a Compost plant come to fruition, adding that it will help the tax base.

Marchese said small businesses in Gloucester City do need some assistance, but recent changes in the UEZ funding have made it difficult.

“Howard Clark (City UEZ Director) has done a fabulous job. The UEZ is still helping businesses,” he said.

He does think that a light rail from Camden to Glassboro with a stop in Gloucester City will help the town.

People will be coming into Gloucester, and will be able to walk and shop, he said.

Marchese said he is proud to have served the citizens, and plans to work hard until his final day as Councilman next January.