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Cherry Hill Tower Ladder 1324 to Camden for 2-Alarm Building Fire

On Tuesday, April 24 at approx. 2:30pm, CHFD Tower Ladder 1324 was requested for mutual aid into the City of Camden.  The Camden Fire Department struck a second alarm for heavy fire showing from the second floor of a 2-story, occupied commercial building at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and S. 9th Street.  
Upon arrival, Tower Ladder 24 positioned on the division B side of the building and directed its elevated master stream on the division C exposure wall and roof.  After repositioning, the ladder main was used to direct a water stream into the second story windows on the division B side.  Eventually the fire vented through the roof, and TL 24 used its master stream to suppress the fire above the roof and into the fire building.

Photos courtesy of John Axford and Ted Aurig at