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 Note: Hank  is a former resident of Gloucester City NJ who resides in Kitakyushu Images-1 City,  Japan. category WHEN EAST MEETS WEST

Commentary by Hank F. Miller Jr.


( is presently on the highest alert now-code Pink.I'm referring to the cherry blossom season alert.


The blushing blossoms carpet Japan with pink all the way up the Japanese archipelago from Southern Kyushu to Hokkaido.When full pink blossoms are mankai-in full bloom.


The cherry blossom report is broadcasts on the nightly news alongside the weather report.


Cherry blossom reports are extremely accurate.When reported in Fukuoka Prefecture the blossoms would burst fourth from their buds on about March 25,But this year due to the extended cold weather here in Kitakyushu,City the buds are to burst fourth from about 4 or 5 days later later then usual, so the viewing will be perfect this week and it will be a grand time to view cherry blossoms on Easter Sunday in Kitakyushu,City.


Everyone will have a wonderful bright and sunny day as predicted by the weather report.


ImagesJapanese have a special affection for the cherry trees with it's transient blossom.The subject of cherry blossom viewing has long occupied an important place in Japanese fine arts and literature.

When cherry blossoms are at their best groups of friends,family members, and business colleagues arrange picnics and gather under the trees in popular areas around Japan.

In our area of Kitakyushu,City there are a variety of places for viewing cherry blossom such as Kokura Castle, Green Park, and several beautiful Parks with in walking distance from our home.

Some people enjoy the beauty of the blossoms in a quiet mood,when others spread straw mats or plastic tarps to sit on under the trees, while others like to drink beer or drink Japanese Sake while eating and singing traditional Japanese songs. For many Japanese, cherry blossom viewing is just a pretext for partying and having a good time outdoors just enjoying life . 


Spring is here so have a most wonderful spring time outdoors.

Warm Regards from beautiful bright sunny, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka, Japan.


Hank F. Miller Jr.