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 By Sara Martino

Gloucester City News

Mayor Theresa Branella said, “We will have zero tolerance for any unruly conduct on any of the borough fields and playgrounds” during the March 19 Brooklawn Council Meeting.

“If anyone sees any vandalism, unbecoming conduct or fighting on the fields, playgrounds or school yard, please call 911 to report as a non-emergency call and the police will respond immediately,” Branella said.

“It is so nice to see families utilize the playground and parks area. We are using grant monies to maintain and improve those areas and also the basketball courts,” she said.

Borough Clerk Ryan Giles said he will research signage and have signs placed that would spell out rules for the recreational areas.

In other business, Police Captain Steve Saymon was recognized for his dedication to the borough. Then, Mayor Theresa Branella administered the oath of office as Police Inspector to Saymon as his wife and family members watched.

Sonya Saymon pinned the badge onto her husband’s uniform as members of the Brooklawn 9/11 volunteer crew applauded the new inspector.

“I will be here for 13 more months or so and am looking forward to learning how to fish,” Saymon said.

He is retiring in April of next year after 26 years of service.

In new business, the 2012 Municipal Budget was introduced, and it is published in this edition of the Gloucester City News.

  At the present time, it was noted that the budget will bring a 5.2 cent increase in the municipal tax. The average home assessed at $137,000 will see a $71.48 increase.

  During the March work session Mayor Branella said that according to former clerk Barbara Lewis hard cuts had to be made in the budget.

  Lewis, who recently retired as borough clerk, is now serving as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

  “We were below the state mandated spending cap by $24,” the mayor said.

  Reportedly, the budget would have been better if it was not for the water budget, the worst in 23 years.

  A committee will meet and come up with a plan for water and sewer rates.

  Also at the work session, Councilwoman Julie Mc-Cleary suggested a Community Night at the Rivershark’s Game.