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5th Grader at West End Elementary School Wins Countywide Essay Contest


(Woodbury, NJ) – Maykayla Wenig, a 5th grade student of Mr. Sean Jess’s 5th Grade class of West End Memorial Elementary School, Woodbury was named as the 2012 Winner of the Parks and Recreation Arbor Day Essay Contest.  Her reward:  a Red Oak Tree planted on her school grounds during an Arbor Day Ceremony.


Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said that the first Arbor Day Essay Contest was the idea of new Freeholder Adam J. Taliaferro who wanted to get kids involved with education, nature and the environment.  “I think it is a great way for Gloucester County to recognize Arbor Day and a great day for Maykayla Wenig and her classmates,” stated Freeholder Director Damminger.


Freeholder Taliaferro said that all 5th grade students in Gloucester County were invited to participate in an Arbor Day Essay Contest with the theme, “If There Were No Trees, What Kind of World Would It Be?”.  Four schools participated in the contest that required an essay of 100 words or less, with the winning school to receive a Red Oak Tree, donated by the Gloucester County Parks and Recreation Department, planted on their school grounds.


“I am very proud of the students who participated and I am excited for Maykayla.  She is a fine representative of her school and classmates and this contest is a great way to get our youth involved in the importance of preserving our environment,” stated Freeholder Taliaferro, liaison to the Department of Parks and Recreation.


The essays were reviewed by each class’s teacher and the best essay from the class was selected by the school principal.  The finalist in this case was selected by Principal Vincent Myers.  The best essay from each school was presented to the Parks and Recreation Department who selected the winner. 


Honorable mention went to Paige Hanstein of Woodbury Heights Elementary School, Amanda Bingham of Elwood Kindle School in Pitman, and Allyson Dionglay of Samuel Mickle School.



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