11-Year- Battle Between ACLU and Veterans of Foreign War Over the Mojave Desert Cross Ends

3 Steps to Save Governor Scott Walker

The historic Scott Walker recall is official and underway.

Bureaucrats in Wisconsin just confirmed Governor Walker will face a Democratic challenger on June 5th, and multiple polls show the race is a dead heat.

That’s why the Wisconsin Recall Action Fund is critical. We were on the ground during the 2011 State Senate recalls, and we helped keep the Wisconsin Senate in Republican hands. We know how to save Scott Walker.

3 Steps to Save Scott Walker

1) Don’t Back Down on Your Principles

Governor Scott Walker refused to accept the status quo. He balanced the budget without raising taxes and without laying off state employees.

Through TV, radio, and online ads, we will give voters the full story about Walker’s record. 

2) Defeat the Unions 

We won’t be intimidated by union thugs. In fact, unions should be concerned. If they lose this election, union membership and dues will plummet…

Unions are bankrupting Wisconsin, harming public education, and funneling money to candidates who puppet their agenda. The Wisconsin Recall Action Fund will remind voters of their disastrous record. 

3) Turn Out Republicans and Independents

Polls show only 6% of voters are undecided. Republicans and Independents who are on the sidelines need to be motivated, and we will accomplish this by contacting likely GOP voters multiple times.

The Wisconsin Recall Action Fund has skilled campaign operatives on the ground in Wisconsin who are funded by over 8,000 small dollar donors across America.

To continue doing the hard work necessary to re-elect Scott Walker, we need you to join us by making a $250, $100, or $35 online donation.


Greg Langhaim
Treasurer, Wisconsin Recall Action Fund

P.S. We just launched our new ad, “Stand Up, Save Scott Walker.” Click here to watch our new ad.