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PupDawn Watson

(CNBNEWS.NET)- This week’s topic is a repeat of a critical issue that continues to surface throughout the U.S.

Since you are reading this article it’s safe to assume you are an on-line consumer. As such, you may be experienced with Internet-based purchasing, perhaps even when it involves purchasing a pet. While I am personally in favor of adoption over purchase when it comes to man’s best friend, I would like to stress some precautions if you choose to purchase a dog over the Internet.

Scams are rampant on the ‘net—unscrupulous individuals are anxious to play the part of a breeder or a dog owner in search of an investor. Be savvy about folks coming from abroad. The Gold Coast, Russia, and Malaysia, for example, seem to house the latest group of scammers anxious to take advantage of animal lovers in order to separate them from their money.

Rescue groups, however, are legitimately seeking responsible individuals to adopt Banner dogs. If you are considering adoption, there are many groups that foster abandoned, abused, or neglected dogs until the right person comes along! The groups are sometimes breed-specific so you can adopt the dog of your dreams from a rescue group for a simple tax-deductible donation! In some cases, members of the group will even deliver Fido to your door, up-to-date on shots, neutered or spayed, and ready to be loved by you and your family!

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Pictured: One of the many adoptable dogs at Salem County Humane Society. All dogs adopted from SCHS come with a guarantee of a 4-session training class (Rescue Me) at Brother of the Wolf! The shelter is located at  214 Game Creek Rd, Penns Grove, NJ 08069. Their number is 856.299.2220

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