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Pet Tip of the Week: Comforting a Grieving Pet Owner (cnbnews.net)

Rainbow Bridgeby Dawn Watson (cnbnews.net)

  Recently, a young woman from Gloucester City lost her dog in a tragic accident. Many of us wanted to reach out to this young lady but could not find the words to express our condolences.

  When a human dies we are told to say, "I'm sorry for your loss", or, "He is in a better place". Does the same apply when an individual mourns the loss of a pet?

  Of course, the loss of a pet is not the same as losing a human family member. But often, when a furry or feathered companion passes away, the grief we feel is as great as if a member of our family has succumbed.

  Reaching out to a friend that has lost a companion can be as simple as saying, "I heard about your loss and I'm sorry", or even to ask the owner if you can share some happy memories about the pet.

  Whatever your belief system, reaching out to a person in need is never inappropriate. You can make a difference.

Wado udohiyu (thank you very much in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson, owner and lead trainer, Brother of the Wolf, LLCLogo

RIP, Schatzie