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Christie Administration awards $2.7 million in Local Aid funding to 16 Gloucester County towns to help control property taxes

Obama Is Most Anti-business President I've Ever Seen | Fox News

Our nation’s top challenge is the economy. Simply put, the economy is not producing enough jobs. 

We are in the midst of the longest stretch of high unemployment since the Great Depression. These jobless Americans receive an array of social services from Medicaid to unemployment to welfare. 

Today some half of all Americans receives government benefits and about half of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes. More jobs would mean more government tax revenue and less government spending. More jobs would lower the federal deficit and build a better nation for our children. 

Push to recognize true unemployment rate

GOP lawmaker wants to change criteria government uses to calculate number

So our challenge is simple: how can we get more jobs? After two stimulus packages, “cash for clunkers,” first time homebuyers'

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