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Memories from the Past: Gloucester City Little League Players...The Early Years



( Gloucester City Little League players circa 1952 or thereabout. We believe the photo taken at the Charles Street Stadium.


First Row, kneeling-L.toR. unknown, Ed Hubbs, John Rowand, unknown, Bart Rettew, Jay Wolf, Dick Fitzpatrick, John Lang, Tom Reed, Matt Mullin, Jack Shepperd, Albie Brandt, Bob Blackburn, George Strobel, Chipper Miller, John McCaughy, Unknown, Howard Chester, Vince DiGiacomo, Unknown, Unknown.


Second Row, Buddy Ross, Toby Frymire, Reds Richards, unknown, Butch Shaffer, Frank Zavekas, Jim Miller, Bob Fair, Pat Joy, Edmund Crosby, ? Krueger, Bill Gross, Bill Rettig,unknown, Ed Daly, Jim Kennedy, unknown, unknown, unknown.


Third and Fourth Rows, Joe Battersby, Richard Dick, Pete Naughton, Bud Myers, unknown, unknown unknown unknown, Richie Devine,  Jim Clements, unknown, unknown, Irv Brown, John Bartley, Frank Buchanan, ? Dunkle, Bert Rickens, Cuppy Kimmey, Knute Cogan, unknown, unknown, Wayne Welsh, Bill Allison,  Bill Geitz, Stanley Shellcoff, Mike Shaw.


Also in the mix is Stanley Booth,  and Joe Bush


The photo was submitted by Bunny Sullivan Bailey. The original photo (below) was too large for the page to run it vertical. However you should be able to print it out in this position on 81/2 x 11 paper. If you know any of the unknowns or you see a mistake and the person's name is wrong post a comment under the photo.


Thanks to Janet and Bob Bevan, Jack Bowe, Gary Marcucci, Mart Sherry for their help in Identifying the players. If you have an old photo you like to share send to





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