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Meandering w/ Mark Matthews: The Whole Scoop on the Weather

( spring our Philadelphia Phillies head to Clearwater Florida to escape the cold Northeast winter in preparation for the upcoming season...  except this year they really didn't have to travel.  I noticed before leaving work today around 5pm that the temperature in Bellmawr was the same as in Clearwater!

The warm stretch of weather has brought everyone outside for some fresh air.  Sauter Park was filled with kids on the swings and parents walking the track.  Could it be Spring already?

And looking at the 10 day forecast, it doesn't look like its going to change any time soon... perfect timing with the extra hour of evening daylight!

But why?  A recent article in Chicago Magazine puts the blame on increased solar activity.  Not that the solar activity is heating everything up for us, but it has warmed regions enough to cause unique movements of the jet streams trapping cold air more north, and pulling up warmer air from areas closer to the equator.

Later tonight, on the way home from a shopping trip, I notice Bellmawr's "The Whole Scoop" Ice Cream shop was open, and like Sauter park, it was loaded with people.  I don't recall if they are normally opened this early in the year, but regardless the residents of Bellmawr who were there tonight were happy to visit.

Saint Patrick's Day isn't even here yet and people are truly enjoying the outdoors, and getting a taste of delicious ice cream!

Seeing the lighting on the shop, I stopped home, picked up my camera and took a few night shots.

Looks like The Whole Scoop will have a great start to the ice cream season.

The Whole Scoop
140 West Browning Road.  Bellmawr NJ. 
















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