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Local Dog Trainer Offers Spring Training Program (cnbnews.net)

  Call of the Wild Adventure July 2011(cnbnews.net) Brother of the Wolf, LLC, located at 700 Market Street in Gloucester City, is once again offering its most popular class to celebrate spring! 

  Call of the Wild Adventure is a 4-session series that combines socialization, basic obedience, and exercise at nearby parks. “The dogs learn how to respond appropriately in many different situations—they are introduced to joggers, children, over-eager strangers, etc,” said Dawn Watson, the school’s owner and lead trainer. “Even very shy or reactive dogs will benefit from this class,” she adds. 

  The class, which begins at 11 AM on ALogopril 14, meets at a different location each week. The tuition is $20 per class and registration is required. Take one class or take all four in the series and your dog will get a diploma and graduation bag of goodies! 

  Call 856.981.8957 or email Brotherofthewolf@comcast.net to enroll for the first class.   Tuition assistance may be available through the Gary DuBrey Scholarship Fund.

Pictured: Last year's graduates of Call of the Wild Adventure



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