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Gloucester Township Police Tip: How To Avoid Your Vehicles Rims Being Stolen

 The theft of custom rims from a motor vehicle is a common crime throughout the United States. Even though this is not a problem in Gloucester Township, the Community Relations Bureau wants to pass on the below listed tips:

  1. Park your car in well‐lit and well‐traveled areas to make your car visible. The more easily your car can be seen, the less likely thieves will try to take your rims. When away from your home, park in secured lots; on high‐traffic, often‐patrolled streets; or in frequently used public lots.

  2. Post visible warning stickers on your windows to let thieves know your vehicle is equipped with anti‐theft devices. Warn thieves that your vehicle and parts are being watched and can be tracked by law enforcement. This deters theft by making it obvious your car is not an easy target.

  3. Install a car alarm. Install a silent alarm that will alert both you and the local police department if your vehicle is tampered with. Avoid alarms that only give off an audible signal. Adjust the alarm sensitivity so that if the vehicle is elevated to remove the rims, the alarm will alert you and others.

  4. Use wheel locks to secure your rims to your vehicle. Buy more than one set of locks, and use different locks on each wheel. This prevents a thief that has one of the proper rim keys from removing all four wheels. Place a differently keyed lock on each wheel, and keep the keys secured in a hidden place ‐‐ separate from the spare tire or jack in your vehicle.

  5. Install a wheel alarm. These are devices that mount behind each wheel and send a signal to the central alarm system in your vehicle when the rim is removed.

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