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Gloucester Township Mayor and Council to Honor Police Officers

Gloucester Township Press Release

On March 26, 2012 at 7:30 pm, Mayor David Mayer, Gloucester Township Council, and Police Chief W. Harry Earle will formally promote Sgt. Brendan Barton to Lieutenant. Lt. Barton will serve as the Gloucester Township Police Community Relations Bureau Commander. Sgt. Barton has been serving as the supervisor ofthe Community Relations Bureau since May 2010 shortly after the department implemented a new policing philosophy with a heavy focus on problem solving, intelligent led policing, and community policing.
During his tenure as Bureau Supervisor he has managed and created a variety of programs that involve the community and enhance the department’s new community-partnership philosophy. 

The community relations initiatives and events either conducted or managed by the Community Relations Bureau grew dramatically since 2009. In 2009 there were 1,302 events and in the year 2011 there were 2,494. New initiatives such as the 7th Grade DARE Program, expansion of the Community Notification System, record attendance at the Citizens Policy Academy, and development of a Jr. Police Academy Summer Camp are just a few of the many achievements of the Community Relations Bureau over the past two years. 

The promotion of Sgt. Barton to Lieutenant serves as an example of the Gloucester Township Department’s commitment in having a policing strategy that involves the community members as partners. The Departments’ Investigations Bureau (Detectives), Administrative Services Bureau, and Traffic Services Bureau are all commanded by a Lieutenant. The Community Relations Bureau will now be commanded by a Lieutenant which serves as a symbol that building a relationship with community members is a critical mission of the Gloucester Township Police Department and fully necessary for effective modern day policing.

Det. William Rapp will also be recognized by the Erial VFW for his outstanding work performance during the year 2011. Det. Rapp was instrumental in creating the department’s newly formed Intelligence Services Unit as part of its intelligence led policing program.