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GCPD Crime Report released date March 2, 2012


On 02/26 at 1756 officers were dispatched to the area of Burlington and Middlesex for a report 6a00d8341bf7d953ef01157231bb93970b-120wiof a black male armed with a handgun threatening to shoot the 9-1-1 caller.  Officers located the suspect at Middlesex and Sussex Street.  The suspect refused to remove his hands from his coat pockets and began taunting officers.  He did remove his hands, but then refused to comply further and quickly stuck his hands back in his pockets.  After several more orders by officers, the suspect finally complied and was handcuffed.  No weapon was found, but the suspect did have an open bottle of vodka and marijuana in his pocket.  Nathaniel Hickman (54) of the 200 block of Mercer Street was charged with Obstruction of Justice, Possession of Marijuana and Possessing an Open Container of Alcohol in Public.  He was processed and released.


In other matters, 


On 02/24 at 0924 management at the Crescent Trailer Park observed  a male and female attempting to cut the copper pipe from the oil tank at a residence on Elmwood Ave.  The suspects fled after being confronted, however, officers located the two at the bus stop Market Street.  Frank Lindeborn (28) of Elmwood Ave was charged with Defiant Trespass.  Sandra Kirk (27) also of Elmwood Ave was arrested on outstanding warrant.  Both were processed and released.


On 02/24 at 1214 an officer checking Freedom Pier observed a male sitting in a vehicle.  The officer approached the vehicle and observed the male smoking marijuana.  Charles Burroughs (53) of Audubon was arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia as he had 1 bag of marijuana and 1 smoking pipe on his person.


On 02/25 at 1148 a resident of the 500 block of S. Broadway reported that sometime overnight unknown suspect(s) stole metal benches and cast-iron casings from his rear yard.


On 02/25 at 2104 an officer observed a vehicle parked on 5th and Pine Streets.  As he approached he observed a male and female engaged in a sexual act.  Natalie Johnson (57) of Camden and Paul Russell (66) of Mt. Ephraim both stated that Russell had picked-up Johnson in Camden City and agreed to a price of $30 for the sexual act.  Johnson was charged with Prostitution, Hindering Apprehension and Contempt of Court.  She was remanded to the Camden County Jail.  Russell was charged with Soliciting Prostitution and released.



On 02/28 at 0857 maintenance at Cold Springs School reported that overnight unknown suspect(s) threw rocks at the windows causing $800 in damage.


On 02/28 at 1614 officers responded to the Gloucester City Library for a fight in the parking lot.  On arrival officers observed two males engaged in a fight.  They were separated and placed under arrest.  Mariano Horner (20) of E. Thompson Ave and a 14 y/o male from the 800 block of Bergen Street were charged with Disorderly Conduct.


On 02/28 at 1838 a motor vehicle stop on N. Broadway led to the arrest of Darroll Blackwell (45) of Philadelphia.  Blackwell was charged with DWI as breath tests showed his blood alcohol level to be .18%, above the legal limit of .08%.


On 02/29 at 2012 an employee of the Gloucester City Laundromat on Market Street reported that sometime during the day unknown suspect(s) entered the business and removed copper pipes from the water main causing flooding inside of the business.


Additionally, officers responded to 8 domestic violence incidents, 5 motor vehicle accidents and made 32 arrests.

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