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Google "factcheck bias" and you will find an awful lot of nothing.  Essentially you will get links to blogs with reader comments that argue back and forth on the issue of bias behind  Very few actually have links that go anywhere and works very hard to promote itself as non-partisan.  Through carefull wordsmithing, avoids projecting bias in individual articles.   More telling, perhaps, is the number and kind of articles they do publish.  They have an awful lot of articles defending president Obama and their criticisms of him are with regards to mostly inconsequential issues.

What you will find on is a statement in the header:  A Project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center.  Who is the Annenberg Public Policy Center?  Funding for APPC comes through an endowment established by the Annenberg Foundation.

The director is Kathleen Hall Jamison.  Not much is said about her personal views on the APPC website, but she did coauthor a book called The Obama Victory: How Media, Money, and Messages Shaped the 2008 Election and a previous book written to criticize Rush Limbaugh.

Interestingly, another project of the Annenberg Foundation was the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  The first Chairman of the Board for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge was none other than our President, Barack Obama.  When I googled "Obama Annenberg continue to read...


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