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CNBNews Op-Ed : King George and 'His Court' Have No Shame

By Scot DeCristofaro 
Friends, the report yesterday from the NJ State Comptroller is just completely outrageous (

George Norcross aka King George has made SO MUCH money from corrupting King George IIIthe political system that he can fly around in a helicopter regularly; purchase a beachfront home in LBI; purchase a $10 million home in Palm Beach; BUY A NEWSPAPER like the Philadelphia Inquirer; and employ all kinds of people in other areas. 

Meanwhile, Camden is a mess; Police/Fire/EMS personnel are being thrown away WHILE millions continue to be wasted at the local & county level; our taxes are among the highest in the nation while our roads, school system & opportunity for meaningful employment get worse with each passing day; Wayne Bryant is still not talking yet King George is no stranger to federal investigations & headlines that make you wonder his actions all legal; people are AFRAID to speak up even though King George can admit to pay to play at the DRPA; a multitude of politicians pander to him for selfish reasons, in fact so many owe their political & income to George that there is an "unspoken word" to defend anyone who is part of the family or 'club'. 

The fact is WE now exist under a Chicago style political boss system where the press is controlled; entire government agencies (some that have taken an OATH to protect & defend); and the political agenda & legislative process is controlled from a small muni level to the county, region and state level. We are lied to regularly, often with the facts never seeing the light of day. 

We live in this "freedomless state" exist because King George & his minions have made so much money off the taxpayers and their lives are so beyond what they thought could achieved without selling their souls, that they now DEPEND on the current state of affairs to continue.....otherwise they lose it all. Those who lives in Kingdom of King George do not seek solutions.

The rest of us, we can just fend for the scraps. 

It's time to wake up your neighbor, it's time to stand for what is right, it's time to demand more from those we pay & elect, it's time we stop saying "it's impossible" & start saying "this must not stand....not on my watch". Stop letting these people, (who are of far less character) get you down. It's time to commit to doing something to speak & shed light on the truth. It's time to stop being afraid of the liars, cheats & those who have corrupted their character because they have what they need. It's time for a new, independent voice in which the only agenda is to "right the ship". 

Towns, counties, regions and states are THRIVING right now (we have detailed some of them on this page over the years). There are places (more than just pockets) where government is good, where high paying jobs are regularly being attracted and created, where the schools are new, well kept and the students are over achieving, where neigbhorhoods are safe and OUR money is being spend wisely, where the politicians offer visionary plans and act on them.....We deserve better, we have worked hard so we can have 'better' and it's time we start getting ours.....

"Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed"........"Let everything exposed by the light becomes visible"......Be a leader, even if you mentor to one you are doing good & are part of the solution.

The author is the  2010 Republican candidate for Camden County Freeholder Board


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