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Alice Costello School: Groundhog's Day Douglas F. | EDITORS NOTE: Seventh and eight grade students at Alice Costello Elementary School, Brooklawn NJ,  have been writing articles for their school newspaper. When CNBNews discovered that they were doing this, we offered to feature one article from each edition on our website. The Alice Costello staff members were asked to vote for the article they thought was best for this honor. Douglas F.'s  article was chosen for the month of February! As such he will also receive a $10 gift certificate to Gaetano's Restaurant, Brooklawn compliments of CNBNews. To read the article click the link below... 


Groundhog’s Day

By: Douglas F.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!  Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow Alice costello school & library and has proclaimed six more weeks of winter. To quote, “As I look at the crowd on Gobbler’s Knob, many shadows do I see, so six more weeks of winter it must be!” This quote is spoken on Groundhog’s Day every year.

photo: Alice Costello School, Brooklawn NJ.

Phil is the most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania! By now, you must be wondering how this tradition started? Well, here it is…

This all started in 1886. The settlers that had lived in Pennsylvania watched the groundhog come out of his hold. They had thought since the groundhog saw his shadow he would go underground because it would be winter. If the groundhog stayed outside and didn’t see his shadow it would be spring, since it would be nice out. Punxsutawney Phil came back out, so the pioneers thought it would be six weeks of winter until spring came.

This special day is celebrated on February 2nd of every year. Groundhog’s Day is also celebrated in Canada. Their groundhog is Wiarton Willy.

Groundhog’s Day is a very popular event in February, in the USA. This tradition is a pure American tradition. Now, that’s a tradition I would like to join or be in. Wouldn’t you like to be part of it too? To sum it all up, Groundhog’s Day is a widely popular and highly celebrated day in the USA today and hopefully will still be in the years to come!

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