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Part I: Democrats’ Rhetoric vs. Their Record


Democrats spend a lot of time accusing Governor Christie and Republicans of ignoring the middle class.  But their rhetoric doesn’t match their record.


Here’s What They’re Saying:



-@SenatorBuono, Twitter on Feb. 23.


“We are ‘coming back’ to a New Jersey where our governor has provided hours of entertainment on YouTube but who is tone deaf to what the priorities are for the working men and women of our state.”

-Sen. Barbara Buono, D-18, PolitickerNJ on Feb. 22.

Here’s how the Democrats addressed the priorities of those “working men and women” under Corzine:


  • Average property tax bills skyrocket by 56.5 percent from $4,651 in 2001 to exceeding $7,000 in 2008 to $7,281 in 2009.


  • FY 2009: Shifted costs to local government, driving up property taxes, for example, by decreasing municipal aid by $162.4 million.


  • FY 2010: Ended property tax deductions on state income taxes.


  • FY 2010: Eliminated Homestead Rebates for middle class workers earning $75,000 to $150,000 and cut rebates for workers earning less than $75,000.


  • FY 2010: Increased payroll taxes $400 million


  • FY 2010: Extended 4% business tax surcharge, costing businesses $80 million.


  • FY 2009: Enacted a $100 million payroll tax.


  • December 2008: Tolls paid by truckers increased by $2.05 and another $3.75 in 2012, translating to higher prices for consumers.


And on fiscal responsibility, here’s what they said:


“I believe we have a moral obligation to cut wasteful spending and to demand accountability,” then-chairwoman Buono told Gannett in a February 2008 report. “The (FY 2009) budget wasn’t balanced with gimmicks that helped create New Jersey’s chronic fiscal woes,” she told The Associated Press in a July 2008 article.


But is this fiscal responsibility?


  • FY 2010: $1.057 billion in federal stimulus spent on state aid to schools, without a plan for dealing with that absence in future years.


  • FY 2009: $3.9 billion given to New Jersey’s bankrupted school construction program, which authorities called “vulnerable to mismanagement, fiscal malfeasance, conflicts of interest and waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars.”


  • FY 2009: Underfunded the state pension system by $1.1 billion and squandered $500 million in surplus.


Higher Taxes.  Higher Fees.  Higher Tolls.  More Debt.


#voiceofmiddleclass?  Or #attackingmiddleclass?


*A flashback of the Democrats budget history as chronicled by some of your editorials: