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Dawn Watson


Dogs escape. It happens. 

Many of us have seen a dog running or wandering around, outdoors with no one tending to him. Perhaps the dog jumped the fence in his yard or ran outside when his owner opened the door. Whatever the case, there are certain things you can do to help.

  • If the dog is friendly and wearing a collar, approach slowly and see if he will allow you to read the address and/or phone number on the collar. You may be able to return the dog or at least, alert the owner.
  • If he does not appear friendly, call your local police and be prepared to describe the dog and where he was last seen.
  • Remember, if the dog runs away, appears sick or malnourished, or growls as you approach, do NOT attempt to capture him. Call the police, immediately. 

Wado, udohiyu, (thank you very much, in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson

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