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Parking Illegally Results in Arrest of 2 for Possession of Sawed Off Shotguns

On 2-4-2012 at 0714 hours, Patrolman Eric Marconi observed a Mitsubishi Galante parked illegally on Kings Street in the Chews Landing section of Gloucester Township. While investigating the illegally parked vehicle he observed a male subject, identified as Devonte Green of Williamstown, NJ, sleeping in the back seat of the vehicle.

Mr. Green, who was difficult to awaken, required medical evaluation at a local hospital due to a high level of intoxication. After Mr. Green was transported to the hospital, officers attempted to determine ownership of the vehicle which. Police personnel eventually made contact with the owner of the vehicle and she reported that the vehicle should be in the possession of her husband, Tyhee Marshall of Wenonah, NJ.

Officers began checking the area and located Tyhee Marshall at a nearby residence. This investigation lead to the discovery of two sawed off shotguns that were located in the vehicle’s unsecured truck area.

As a result of the investigation by officers both subjects were charged with the following offenses. Possession of a prohibited Weapon (Sawed of Shotguns) 2 counts, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon ( 2 counts). They were both remanded to Camden County Jail in default of $80,000/ten percent bail.