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ALICE COSTELLO SCHOOL: Unique January Holidays by Cianni C.

( EDITORS NOTE: Seventh and eight grade students at Alice Costello Elementary School, Brooklawn NJ,  have been writing articles for their school newspaper. When CNBNews discovered that they were doing this, we offered to feature one article from each edition on our website. The Alice Costello staff members were asked to vote for the article they thought was best for this honor. Cianni C's  article was chosen! As such he will also receive a $10 gift certificate to Gaetano's Restaurant, Brooklawn compliments of CNBNews. To read the article click the link below...

 By: Cianni C.

In the month of January there are a bunch of different holidays, traditions, etc. that you may not

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know about.  One of these traditional “holidays” is Humiliation Day. Humiliation Day is not a day to humiliate someone else. In fact, it’s a day where we all come and realize the negativity that humiliation towards others can cause. So, we all need to use this holiday as a reminder for how bad humiliation can be. 


Another holiday that is celebrated in the month of January is Cuddle Up Day. This holiday is exactly how it sounds. It’s a day to cuddle with someone special on a cold winter night or day. This “holiday” can be enjoyed by both young and old.

 Another holiday that many people enjoy is Compliment Day. This holiday is a day to compliment others. It’s a great day to say something positive about other people. Also, it makes others feel good inside. This is actually something that you can do in your everyday life. 

We can’t forget Opposite Day which is also celebrated in January. On opposite day you do everything the opposite way. When I say yes, you say no. When I say stop, you mean go. When I say goodbye, you say hello. This is a very fun topsy, turvy day where you say and do everything in the opposite way. 

All of these silly “holidays” are very fun days to enjoy. So let’s all use these holidays as an enjoyment. 

If you would like to learn more about these holidays you can check out the website below.


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