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Pet Tip of the Week: The Quick Fix (

 by Dawn Watson


We’d all like to think our dogs are perfectly behaved family pets. However, sometimes a pet needs a few tools in order to make him socially acceptable. 

If your dog is reactive—gets over-stimulated in the presence of other dogs or strangers—there is a “quick fix” that will allow you to bring Fido to the dog park or your local pet store without fear of him biting anyone. The solution: a box muzzle.


A so-called box muzzle is a soft, plastic or leather gizmo that fits over the dog’s


nose and buckles behind or underneath his ears. He can bark, breathe normally, drink, and even accept a treat through the spaces in the muzzle. But, unless a person sticks a finger in there, Fido cannot bite!


Another handy quick fix for dogs that pull on-leash is a front-ring harness. This type of harness has a ring in the front (at the dog’s chest). The leash attaches to this ring and, when the dog pulls, he is turned around to face the opposite direction. After a few minutes of this activity, Fido will learn that pulling gets him going the opposite direction!


While training is the key to teaching your dog proper behavior, in an emergency these tools might solve a problem or two!


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