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Brother of the Wolf, located at 700 Market Street in Gloucester City, held its agility competition on January 8, 2012. Competitors walked, jumped, weaved, and raced the course to determine who would be awarded the ultimate prize, a shiny blue ribbon (and bragging rights)! 

Molly, a rescue owned by Merry Braun, was the ultimate winner of the competition. To break the 3-way tie, three dogs participated in a “sit-off”; the dog that remained in a “sit” position for the longest period of time was the winner. 

Competitors were Molly Dickinson, Riley Laforte, Bentley Williams, and Molly Braun. Petey Leary was absent because of stomach problems that developed when he ate an entire cake that was intended for his human family members. 

Pictured: Molly Braun proudly poses with her human, Merry, after winning the agility competition at Brother of the Wolf.