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( With the recent scoring of 1000 points by Gloucester City’s boys, Junior guard  Stefano O’koro who became the 14th  player to reach this milestone, local fans begin to wonder who is the greatest Gloucester High player of the past 50+ years by position.  With the advent of the 3- Shot, 1000 points has become reasonably easier since more players are shooting beyond the 3 foot arc.  Many of our 1,000 points scorers achieved their milestone prior to the 3-shot.  



Through evaluation of each position more questions surfaced then answers. Did the era in which an individual play enhance his status? Did the success of his team upgrade one’s performance?  Is play more physical now making individual performance more favorable now then 20, 30 even 40 years ago. Gloucester High was

considered an annual Tournament favorite especially during a period in the late 60’s and 70’s when the Lions won a  State Group II title, South Jersey Group I title and were State Group I runner-up, and when a Top 10 Ranking was expected.

Author Dick DeVenzio known for his knowledge of sports says “Your Most Valuable Player is not your leading scorer but the ONE who makes his team better”. So with this in mind, scoring  1,000 points did not guarantee selection when determining the First Team All GHS.

The five positions to be ranked will be Point Guard or (1),  Shooting Guard or (2), Small Forward or (3), Power Forward or (4) and Center or (5). Most players in High School play more than one position but primarily their starting position was considered when evaluated.

In the NBA (1) Guard Magic Johnson moved to (5) Center position against the 76ers in the playoffs but will always be considered a (1) Guard.

Now after comments from several Alumnus, players and fans the following list was comprised. Of course this list is subject to criticism and is based solely on above and individual preference. Feel free to post your own All – Time GHS Boys Basketball Team.

The GHS 2nd Team will be posted in the future and the All-Time GHS Girls Basketball team will be published.  Since the Girls game has changed drastically from 6 players who played half court to today’s modern version more investigating will be needed. 

Now the 1st Team

Point Guard – Dave Atkinson ’68 – Atkinson who lost one year of eligibility was an early version of Pete Maravich and helped lead his team to the NJ State Group II Champoionship in 1967.

Shooting Guard – Keith Gorman ‘98 – Scored over 2,000 points while his teammate and brother Sean also scored over 1,000 points. 

Small Forward - Jim Rebstock ’71 – Became the second player to score over 1,000 points at GHS and helped lead the Lion’s to a top 5 ranking for 3 yearsand winning the South Jersey Group I Championship in 1971 before losing in the State Finals on the “Shot Heard Around the World.”

Strong Forward – Joe Murphy ‘81 – Had true leaping ability. Carried on GHS winning tradition into the 80’s where his teams annually advanced deep into the Sectional Playoffs.

Center –  Bob Weichmann   ’59 – Was and maybe still the only true center standing a mere 6’ 7”. Can you argue considering a game against Swedesboro (now Kingsway) when he scored a game high 71 points. 

The former is comprised through interviews of many former athletes who remain advent Lion’s fans and is his / hers own opinion. Other players mentioned were Bart Rettew, Bill Elenbark, John Colton, Kevin Cunane, Gary Stout, Sean Gorman and many others, only added to the argument that scoring and stardom could be affected by the surrounding cast of players.  

In the near future CNBNews will address the second team ALL – Gloucester City High School.


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