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Richard Voorhees, of Palmyra

2012 Camden County Freedom Medal Recipients

Fourteen Camden County residents have been chosen to receive the 2012 edition of the Camden County Freedom Medal for their unselfish contributions to improving their community.  The award, created in 2001, is presented to civic leaders who demonstrate the ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  
Atnre Alleyne                        
From: Camden                                    Nominator: Joshua Lopez
Mr. Alleyene is steadfast in his dedication to improve and enhance the educational opportunities for minority students.  Mr. Alleyene and his wife founded Teen SHARP, which is a college prep program for students ages 10 through 17.  The program encourages and empowers students to reach their goals through academic guidance and assistance with college and summer prep programs.  Since 2009, Mr. Alleyene has raised almost $15,000 and invested $5,000 of his own money to take students on tours of colleges from New York to Washington, DC. Mr. Alleyene continues to seek innovative ways to promote greater community involvement in the education of our young students.

Nasim Badat
From: Voorhees                                  Nominator: Habib Quraishi
Mrs. Badat has spent her entire life reaching helping and reaching out to those in need of all ages.  While principal at the Palmyra Mosque, Mrs. Badat came up with an innovative speech competition which enabled students to improve their public speaking skills and rise to the top of the class. She was not only a terrific educator; she also was instrumental in organizing the interfaith dialogue program between Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  Mrs. Badat scheduled open houses for people of diverse faiths, ethnicities and cultures, gender and race.  She helped people understand each other’s cultures and created a bond of friendship and trust for each other.  Mrs. Badat is a tireless supporter of community equality and togetherness. 
Roger W. Barker
From: Camden                                    Nominator: Jackie Barker Dennis
Mr. Barker has a deep devotion to his community and is a grandparent volunteer at Charles summer school, the town watch, and Centerville Simbas Football Association.  Mr. Barker is also a liaison for the Liberty Park Association.  He volunteers his time in activities that aid widowers, the elderly and the needy in his community.  There is never a task to big or too small for Mr. Barker.  He has been an outstanding member and contributor to the James W. Grant Lodge for 65 years.  Mr. Barker strives to be a leader in his community not a bystander.  He is also a jack of all trades, a man who lives to see his community have a better existence.  Mr. Barker uses his time and energy to help his community be the best it can be.
Lori Braunstein 
From: Cherry Hill                                Nominator: Freeholder Jeffrey L. Nash
Lori is a tremendous asset to not only the township of Cherry Hill, but the communities it surrounds as well.  Her tireless commitment to community service is second to none.  She is the executive director and founder of Sustainable Cherry Hill. She is participating in her fourth year of the prestigious NJ Learns for a Sustainable Future program and is an Environmental Leadership Program Senior Fellow.  She has received the EPA Region 2 Environmental Quality Award in 2010 and the Camden County Community Service Award in 2009.  She is an active member of the project team for Cherry Hill Township, Cherry Hill School District and Camden County sustainability efforts.  The community would not be what it is without her service and dedication.
Sister Helen Cole
From: Camden                                    Nominators: Surrogate Pat Jones & Gwen Divera 
Sister Helen Cole was an integral part of the creation and opening of Guadalupe Family Services on July 5, 1995, a component of the Jesuit Urban Services Team.  This team offers medical, legal, and social services to residents in need in Camden. Sister Cole has been an advocate for victims of crime for over 16 years. Although Sister Cole has most of her clients from Camden, she has been a major supporter of victims of crime in the suburbs as well.  She assisted the families of Maggie McDonnell, killed by a sleeping driver; now known from “Maggie’s Law” and Christine Eberle, killed at the PATCO Station.  Sister Cole promotes peace on a daily basis and focuses her energy and time on improving the quality of life for the residents of Camden. 
Hardon H. Durrani
From: Cherry Hill                                Nominator: Aquil Kahn
Dr. Durrani is a civic leader who devotes his time and passion for life to make the community better.  Dr. Duran provides free health and education classes and seminars on preventative measures against disease. Dr. Durrani has organized fundraisers for victims of disasters around the world, including the tsunami, hurricane Katrina, and the Earthquake in Pakistan. He has been an active donor to the Red Cross, UNICEF and the United Way.  Dr. Durrani promotes community unity and diversity through cultural, educational and social programs.
James Ernest Hannold
From: Magnolia                                   Nominator: Mary Lou Adams
Mr. Hannold has lived a life that should be an example to us all.  His commitment to his community and country goes above and beyond the call of duty. Mr. Hannold is a World War II Veteran with medals of Honor including the American Theater Medal, the European Theater Medal, the Asiatic Pacific Medal, Victory Medal, and Good Conduct Medal. He is a humanitarian who wants nothing but the best for people.  Mr. Hannold has built schools churches and homes, and is responsible for starting one of the first recreation centers in Magnolia to provide young people with a safe environment. Mr. Hannold was a member of the Magnolia Planning Board for 10 years, and is cherished by his neighbors for his efforts on behalf of the communtiy.
Linda Holscher
From: Cherry Hill                                Nominator: Pamela J. Robb
Mrs. Holscher is an extraordinary individual who exemplifies what the Camden County Freedom Medal represents.  Her compassion is shown to everyone she helps, especially those in Camden.  “Mrs. Linda” as she is affectionately known, has devoted all of her life to giving and supporting those in need.  She has spent 40 years in the city and is a former Camden Board of Education member.  Mrs. Holscher is a meticulous bookkeeper, who everyone wants as treasurer for their organization. Trustworthy, dedicated, and dependable are just a few of her many fine qualities. Mrs. Holscher is the epitome of Dr. King’s teachings.
Melinda Kane
From: Cherry Hill                                Nominator: Freeholder Jeffrey L. Nash
Ms. Kane has made her community better by channeling grief into a positive cause.  Ms. Kane lost her oldest son in the war in Afghanistan two years ago.  Instead of retreating,  Ms. Kane has stayed strong and focused her energy on supporting veterans of all wars in various ways.  She is an active member of the American Gold Star Mothers Organization, the Jewish War Veterans, the Military Support Group of New Jersey and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). Ms. Kane established the Jeremy Kane run in conjunction with Rutgers Camden and their Veterans For Education Group.  The Purpose of the run is to raise money so that veterans can continue their education at Rutgers.  Ms. Kane is a true treasure to her community.
Mary Lamielle
From: Voorhees                                  Nominator: Diane Reibel
Ms. Lamielle is the founder and president of the National Center for Environmental Health Strategies.  Ms. Lamielle has spent her adult life standing up for those who have become ill due to effects from chemicals.  For over thirty years Ms. Lamielle has been a passionate educator and advocate.  She works to inform citizens in not only her community, but statewide and across the country, on behalf of those who have become ill due to effects from exposure to chemicals.  Ms. Lamielle’s efforts led to the first in depth study on chemical sensitivity.  This study received the prestigious Macedo award from the World Health Organization.  Her work has also resulted in the implementation of Integrated Pest Management practices in New Jersey schools.
Thelma Lenore Long
From: Lawnside                                  Nominator: Chrissandra Butler
Mrs. Long has a passion and dedication to education that is second to none.  She has given her time and spirit to enhancing the educational opportunities and instilling valuable life lessons for the young men and women of Lawnside since 1963. Mrs. Long was a member of the Lawnside Board of Education for fourteen years.  She played a huge role in the establishment of the district’s first code of conduct and uniform policy.  Mrs. Long served as a community volunteer educator with the Lockhead Martin Future Engineers and Scientist Program to enhance academic skills and promote science in schools. Mrs. Long is truly an inspiration to the residents of Lawnside.
Robert Morrell
From: Gloucester City                                    Nominator: Stephanie Erdman
Mr. Morrell embodies the true spirit of the Camden County Freedom Medal.  His commitment to the community and country are second to none.  He served in the Marine Reserves for over 20 years.  Upon retirement he started a 5k run in honor of Cpl. Marc Ryan, a Camden County Marine killed in action.  Mr. Morrell planned and organized the run which successfully took place on November 18, 2011.  Mr. Morrell is a member of American Legion Post 84. He is a truly selfless person who helps kids during after school programs, and is the type of person who will do anything to help his community or an individual in need. Mr. Morrell is a patriot in every sense of the word.
Larry and Trudy Painter
From: Pennsauken                               Nominator: Kathleen Rudderow
Larry and Trudy are unquestionably involved in their community. Larry is on the fund raising committee for St. Cecelia church.  Trudy is active in the Merchantville Women’s Club.  Trudy is instrumental in initiating food drives and collecting gifts for the needy - especially at Christmas. Together they improve this small community by getting people together and helping make people aware of the needs of their neighbors.  They are a positive influence on their neighborhood and the Township of Pennsauken.  The neighborhood would not be a close knit group if not for their fine efforts.