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Lisa Alyounes of Westville NJ Arrested for Assault of Boyfriend; youtube video



11/29/2011 - Sitting on the River Line Railroad train in New Jersey this women started abusing her Ginger boyfriend who she claims cheated on her. She Punches him, Kicks him, spits on him, the women got arrested on the spot with a lot of drama.

Update on the case:
a 26 Years Old pint-sized wannabe actress from Westville, N.J., is becoming an Internet sensation after an eight-minute video of her punching, slapping, pushing, kicking and spitting in the face of a cowering boyfriend surfaced on YouTube.

The beatdown took place on Nov. 29, on the NJ Transit River Line in Pennsauken. The video, taken by a passenger, begins with Alyounes slapping the red-haired man in the face and it only gets worse.

According to some talent web sites she signed up for, Alyounes stands 4-feet 9-inches and weighs about 100 pounds and "alway want to act." Her public transportation rampage has now garnered over 100,000 views on the YouTube Channel "Train Fights".

John Durso Jr., a NJ Transit spokesman, said the incident and subsequent investigation stopped the train for about 15 minutes.

When NJ Transit Police arrived at the 36th Street Station in Pennsauken, Alyounes started fighting with them too. One passenger said Alyounes "kneed the cop in the groin" twice, though it was off camera. The cops did fight back, though, pinning Alyounes down on a bench, and eventually facedown on the train's platform.

According to the Camden County Prosecutor's Office, Alyounes was charged with aggravated assault of a police officer and simple assault. Officials at the Camden County Jail said Alyounes is still being held on $15,000 bail and is due in court Friday.

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