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Welcome To Alice Costello Elementary School (A.C.E.S)

 ( EDITORS NOTE: Seventh and eighth grade students at Alice Costello Elementary School, Brooklawn NJ,  have been writing articles for their school newspaper. When CNBNews discovered that they were doing this, we offered to feature one article from each edition on the website. The Alice Costello staff members were asked to vote for the article they thought was best for this honor. Eighth grader Nicole V.'s article was chosen! As such she will also receive a $10 gift certificate to Gaetano's Restaurant, Brooklawn compliments of CNBNews. To read the article click the link below...

By: Nicole V.

Many people who do not live in Brooklawn may not know about the Alice costello school & libraryBrooklawn school. Well, Brooklawn is a brilliant school to come to! 

This year, 2011-2012, Brooklawn has introduced clubs such as: P.A.L. Club, Martial Arts Club, Chess Club, Community Service Club, Home Economics Club, Spanish Club, Computer Club, and Homework Club.

At Brooklawn School, we have school sports such as basketball, softball, field hockey, and soccer. In order to play these sports you have to be in 6th-8th grade, or if you are lucky, sometimes you can even play in 5th grade! If you want to play sports you need to have good grades and you cannot have an “F” at all. Many people love participating and playing in our sports. They especially love the school coaches! 

At the beginning of last year, our school introduced the “Student of the Month” program for students in pre-k-8th grade. Each month we have a particular trait to focus on. September was “respect,” October was “caring,” and November was “citizenship.” Whenever you win student of the month, you have a pizza party with all of the other students of the month. 

At Alice Costello, our 8th grade students have their own share of fun. They have lots of fundraisers for field trips like our New York trip and Dorney park trip. They also have a fancy dinner dance at the end of the year. In addition, the eighth graders have their own graduation ceremony because it is their last year at Alice Costello.  

After you take a step inside Alice Costello, you will see that it is a bright and dazzling school that will inspire you!

If you would like to read the rest of the ACES NEWS, please visit the school's website at


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