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Warning: Do Not Use ShoulderFlex Massager

FDA has warned consumers to stop using the ShoulderFlex Massager because it can cause serious injury or death.

This personal massage device was designed for home use to provide deep tissue massage to the neck, shoulders and back while the user is lying down.


The device was sold in various stores and through catalogs and online retailers (including Amazon) in the U.S.

On Aug. 31, King International recalled all of its nearly 12,000 ShoulderFlex massagers that it has distributed since Oct. 18, 2003. However, FDA has found that the company went out of business and did not follow through with recall procedures, leaving many companies that sell this device unaware of the recall.

Risk: One death and one near-strangulation were reported when a necklace and clothing became caught in a piece of the device that rotates during use. Two other reports involved clothing and hair that became caught in the device.


  • Do not use the ShoulderFlex massager.
  • Throw away the device components separately so that the massager cannot be reassembled and used. (Remove the massage fingers and dispose of them separately. Dispose of the power supply separately as well.)

For More Information

Photo of ShoulderFlex Massager

FDA Safety Communication: Update on Life-Threatening Injuries Associated With the ShoulderFlex Massager


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