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Philadelphia Police Arrest 2 Suspects for Assault of 65-Year-Old

Philadephia Police Press release December 15, 2011 

Samuel Cave

The Philadelphia Police Department would like to extend its gratitude to the Media and the public for the arrest of the suspects in the assault of a 65 year-old male that resulted in serious injuries in the 35th District.

On December 15 ,2011, the Philadelphia Police Department arrested the suspects through a tip call from someone who viewed the surveillance video. Both suspects were arrested without further incident.

Samuel Cave (pictured) is 19 years-of-age and is from the 400 block of Champlost Street and will be charged with Aggravated Assault, robbery and related offenses.

The second suspect who is a juvenile will be charged with Aggravated Assualt, robbery and related offenses. 

According 6 a nearby surveillance camera shows, the victim, Thuy Ngo Le,  taking his daily walk shortly after 3:00 p.m. Wednesday along the 400 block of Chelten Avenue.

Two suspects follow him.

 They speed up and one of the suspects sucker-punches the 65-year-old knocking him unconscious.

 The man was rushed to nearby Albert Einstein Medical Center for treatment. Police say he had his teeth knocked out and now has his jaw wired shut.

 Witness Chris Sweeten described to Action News what he saw yesterday.

 "He's got a little pool of blood coming out of his face, his teeth were on the ground, it's crazy," Sweeten said.

Sweeeten was working nearby and watched as the suspects fled on foot.


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