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Bellmawr Fire Department Works on Vehicle Accident

Philadelphia Police: Enjoy New Year's Safely!


The Philadelphia Police Department wishes everyone a safe and happy New Year's celebration. Let's ring in 2012 responsibly and with respect for our loved ones, friends and neighbors.  

Before you go out and celebrate the New Year, talk to your friends and figure out what your plan is IN ADVANCE of coming home. Whatever your plan is for traveling home safely, do your best to stick to it. Your loved ones will thank you for it. 

The PPD will have DUI checkpoints in place throughout the City to help keep drivers on our streets safe. 

If you own a firearm, check to make sure that it is out of sight and locked in a secure and safe place. If you have children in your household, be extra vigilant that they cannot access the place where your firearm is stored. Please remember that it is never permissible nor legal to discharge your firearm into the air as a way to ring in the New Year. Celebrate safely and enjoy 2012!