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Andrews Announces $7 Million to Create Jobs Improving New Jersey’s Hospitals


Haddon Heights, NJ - On Thursday, Congressman Andrews announced that New Jersey will receive $7 million dollars in funding to create jobs making hospitals safer and more efficient.   This funding comes as a result of the Affordable Care Act, of which Congressman Andrews was an author and major proponent.

The money will be used to train existing staff on how to best prevent infections and other ailments that can be contracted in a hospital environment, as well as to hire more staff to provide more individualized patient attention. Not only will this create jobs, but it will also help save money by reducing the hospital readmission rate.

These funds are part of the federal Partners for Patience initiative, a program designed to help New Jersey hospitals work together to create training programs to provide better care, apply better hygienic and safety standards, add more administrative and nursing staff, and monitor progress in meeting set goals.  The training will focus mainly on catheter-associated urinary tract infections, central line-associated blood stream infections, venous thromboembolism, ventilator-associated pneumonia, surgical site infections, pressure ulcers, adverse drug events, injuries from falls and immobility, obstetrical adverse events, and preventable readmissions

 “In keeping with the standard that everyone in America has the right to quality healthcare, it is our responsibility to make sure that we can meet that standard,” said Congressman Andrews.  “As the demands become greater on healthcare providers, the extra staffing and training that the Partners for Patience initiative provides will be an instrumental in fulfilling the promise of making the world's best health care system more affordable and accessible to all.”

As a ranking member of the Health Employment Labor and Pensions sub-committee, Congressman Andrews has been an outstanding voice in support of the Affordable Care Act that makes health care more affordable for all Americans and improves patient care through initiatives like the Partnership for Patience.  The Partnership for Patients was launched in April 2011 and now consists of more than 6,500 partners nationwide who have pledged to work together to meet the Partnership's goals, which would mean an estimated 1.8 million fewer injuries to patients, 1.6 million fewer patients requiring re-hospitalization because of a complication, and 60,000 lives saved by 2013.