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In campaign tabs, U.S. Rep. Andrews forgets us 300px-RobAndrewsOfficialPhoto

Gloucester County Times

November 22, 2011




That word quickly comes to mind in light of a report from our sister paper, The Star-Ledger of Newark, that U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews tapped into his congressional campaign account to finance a $9,000 trip for himself and his family to Edinburgh, Scotland, and $10,000 for a celebration at his Haddon Heights home marking 20 years in Congress.


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It may pass a legal sniff test — that’s up to the Election Commission. But, does it pass a moral test?


We think not.


The congressman need not be reminded that his congressional district — while one of the state’s safest for a Democrat — is not exactly teeming with wealth. The First Congressional District is home to Camden — one of the nation’s poorest locales. The district as a whole — most of Camden, half of Gloucester and a few Burlington county towns — has a combined unemployment rate of 10 percent.


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U.S. Rep Rob Andrews must repay campaign for luxe hotel stay

Star-Ledger Editorial

November 22, 2011


U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews (D-1st Dist.) insists he took his family to a luxury hotel in Scotland for three days strictly for political reasons, so it was perfectly legitimate to use roughly $9,000 in campaign donations to cover expenses.


This one doesn’t come close to passing the smell test. And the only way to fumigate is for Andrews to promptly repay this money from his personal accounts, as he did in 2009 in a separate incident.


The law on the use of campaign funds forbids personal use of the money. After Star-Ledger staff writer Matt Friedman’s investigation on Andrews’ behavior was published Sunday, a watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said it will file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.


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“People are contributing to my winning,” Andrews says. “If you build good will and get people to volunteer by spreading good will, you’re more likely to win.”


By this logic, Andrews could spend double or triple this amount. Massages for the whole family. Cavier. Champagne. What exactly is the limit?


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Andrews campaign funds pay for boring-est high-school graduation party ever

In The Loop – Emily Heil

November 21, 2011


This sounds like the worst party one could throw for a teenager: Rep. Robert Andrews (D-N.J.) used more than $10,000 in campaign funds to throw a fancy fete that was billed both as a celebration of the congressman’s tenure in Congress and a graduation party for his daughter, according to the Star-Ledger’s damning story this weekend about the congressman’s freewheeling use of his campaign war chest.


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But her sister Josie, a budding actress, can’t have been too angry with her dear old pop for flooding the graduation celebration with his political cronies instead of her sister’s school chums — because, according to the story, he was also quite generous (again, with his flush campaign coffers) to theaters that gave her roles.


And among other eyebrow-raising expenses, the campaign account also paid for what sounds like a luxe Andrews family jaunt to Scotland, complete with a stay in a five-star hotel.


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Huffpost Fundrace - How To Use Campaign Funds Improperly

November 21, 2011


New Jersey congressman Rob Andrews (D-N.J.) has figured out the greatest trick for spending campaign money: double-book any event as a campaign event and you don't personally have to pay for it. Have to attend a wedding in Scotland? No problem. The wedding was for a donor and a volunteer advisor. Book it to the campaign. Daughter's high school graduation? Easy. Just double bill the party as celebrating both the high school graduation and your 20 years of service in Congress and you can bill it to your campaign.


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