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Gloucester Township Police: Teens Using Gummy Bears to Get Drunk


Drunken Gummies

A warning to parents: the new teen rage is soaking gummy bears in vodka. It is called “Drunken Gummies.” Once the gummy bears are ingested the teenagers are becoming intoxicated. The Gummy bears that have been mixed in vodka can be odorless. Teenagers also may have no idea they are eating the vodka soaked gummies due to the vodka flavor being disguised.

In less than a month, a "how-to" YouTube video has more than 17,000 views. The candy- soaked session goes over in detail how to make vodka-soaked gummy bears. Police warn the squishy multi-colored candy could have you seeing all sorts of colors if you pop and chew without a care in the world. Information provided by The following video link will take you to a video based on the drunken gummy bears:

The Gloucester Township Police Department has had no reported incidents of Drunken Gummy Bears in Gloucester Township. This bulletin is being provided as an alert to parents.