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Arizona Sheriff Arrest Illegal Aliens on Identity Theft


news release November 1

Sheriff Conducts 55th Employer Sanction/Illegal Immigration Operation 10 Illegal Aliens Arrested so far for Identity Theft at Phoenix Printing Company

(Phoenix, AZ) Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says after several weeks of investigation, his deputies conducted the 55th employer sanction/illegal immigration operation this morning when they executed a search warrant involving 17 suspects in a Phoenix Printing Company.

A tip that an employee was fraudulently using a fourteen year old girl’s social security number led to the investigation involving workers at the Prisma Graphic Corporation located at 2937 East Broadway Road in Phoenix. The company is suspected of currently employing illegal aliens, all using false identifications, a class four felony.

The investigation also has revealed employees were using equipment to print out Wells Fargo credit card information along with government hunting tags, access health and health-net information. In addition to printing the sensitive materials, investigators have found indications the illegal aliens were also involved in printing political campaign signs for an unnamed candidate.

When deputies arrived on scene, some of the 100 workers were seen trying to run away from deputies.

Sheriff Arpaio says, “Last month President Obama mentioned me to a small group of journalists insinuating that he was not happy with my illegal immigration crackdowns and refused to answer why his administration is still investigating me. This office will continue to enforce all aspects of federal and state immigration laws throughout the valley including Phoenix.”

Arpaio adds that one of the benefits of these employer sanctions/identity theft operations is that they open up job opportunities for legal citizens.