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Mondays with Tony Lee: Americans Are Mad As Hell...They Can't Stand Washington D.C.

Two stories last night represented the absolute gulf between those in power and the rest of society.

First, Bloomberg News wrote about the trillions (yes, trillions) of dollars that the Federal Reserve secretly loaned out to bail out banks and bankers. These banks then made billions of dollars in profit from loans that were nearly interest free.

Then, CBS's 60 Minutes aired a feature on homeless children living in Central Florida. Some lived in the back of a truck while others lived in cars that their parents had to park outside of hospital emergency rooms. The children who were profiled had a maturity and grittiness to them that words cannot describe. Unfortunately for these children and their families, they don’t have lobbyists and friends in Washington who can grease politicians so they are guaranteed never to fail.

It's hard not to imagine how anyone who reads the Bloomberg story and then watches the 60 Minutes piece could not be beyond outraged at those who are running the country.

Americans are mad as hell and angry. They can't stand Washington, D.C. They can’t stand politicians. They are losing trust in once vaunted institutions.

And it seems like every day they are presented with more evidence to justify their anger toward the ruling class and the establishment.

Today, Barney Frank (D.-Mass.), a prominent figure associated with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the bailouts, announced his retirement from Congress. Good riddance. Here's to more resignations and more of these public officials who have lost the trust of Americans being thrown out next year at the polls. 

—Tony Lee

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