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Cipriani Remodeling Solutions Wins Several Awards at BLSJ’s MAME Banquet.

Independent Women: 'ObamaCare - A Small Biz Nightmare'

Hadley Heath of the Independent Women's Forum outlines the negative consequences that ObamaCare has on small business owners. "First of all: time costs.  Small employers simply don't have time to read over reports like this one to stay up-to-date with the Department of Health and Human Services' attempts to micromanage the health sector.  Sadly, the biggest changes haven't even happened yet.  In 2014, many employers will recognize that the introduction of Medicaid expansions, state-level health care exchanges, and minimum essential requirements will change the landscape of health insurance in the U.S. so drastically that they will be better off letting their employees fend for themselves." 

Health Care Lawsuits reports that "[t]he Supreme Court has appointed Bob Long and Bartow Farr as Amici in the health care case. Bob Long will argue that the Anti-Injunction Act bars the lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act, and Bartow Farr will defend the 11CA ruling that the individual mandate can be severed from the rest of the Act." 

The Heritage Foundation discusses how ObamaCare is already causing layoffs in Michigan. "Stryker Corporation has announced that it will cut approximately 5 percent of its workforce by 2013 due to the tax. As Heritage has shown, this isn’t the first device manufacturer to voice concerns about job loss in the U.S. resulting from the tax, and it is sure not to be the last. Over 110 jobs will be cut in Kalamazoo alone, bad news for a state already facing over 11 percent unemployment."